Monday, 27 February 2017

Bad dreams but goal reached!

Salam aleikum dear readers :)

Today I woke up in such a bad mood.. I saw bad dreams and my morning was awful. I was going to a job interview, and I panicked how can I do it when Im in a such mood. Well, I called my friend. I know  its a bad thing, that I sometimes tell my friends only the bad things of my relationship. Its really really bad thing to do. I mean at bad moments I usually feel need to talk to a friend, but people get the wrong idea, totally. So what happened was both my fault and.. well.. I told my friend that I feel bad and I feel like my husband is not trying enough to bring me in the country he is living right now. Of course I feel sometimes frustrated. I know in my heart he is really trying, and the reality is that we dont have so much money.. To rent a house is not so cheap, we have small incomes and the rent has to be paid, and when renting, the owner needs 2-3 months rent advance. So this is what we r struggling right now. But my friends reaction to this really insulted me. Then I called another friend, almost crying. But she helped me and then I was feeling fine again. And I know that my husbands and my situation at the moment, and also in our past has been difficult in so many ways.. but I believe in love. I believe that things can be fixed. Again, "after every hardship comes ease". This was a lesson about friends and how to talk to people, and I learned from this.

So I went to the job interview and I met like the sweetest people :) We talked about the job and then they liked me, I liked them so Im gonna start working Thursday! Its great, this job is something what I really wanna do.

I came home and had to celebrate :)

So good, yum :) I cannot bake myself becose of my gas stove, which is old and unpredictable, so its nice to find good treats from market which taste almost homemade. This with coffee = <3

So I think today I learned important things. 

1. Be careful with some people
2. Positivity is the key of achieving your goals and success
3. Good things do happen!

Allahu akbar.

Peace, Aisha

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