Friday, 24 February 2017

Delicious lunch

Salams everyone :)

Alhamdulillah for today, its been good. I woke up 5.30 in the morning, did my morning routine and headed for a job interview. Yes! I had prepared myself well, was feeling good and one of my best friends even called me around 7 o'clock to encourage me, how sweet :) The interview was other side of the city, in a beautiful sea-side place called Ullanlinna. The interview went very well, and after I got home, the woman from the office called me to tell that I can meet my possible boss at Monday. Great! The job is nice and light, and its a good start. Of course the boss may not pick me, but for a long time I finally have a good chance! In sha Allah. Im sooo happy <3

I had to make a special lunch for a treat of success:

- 2 pieces of thin rye bread

- thin, salted slices of salmon fried in oil

- sweet pepper, chopped in mini-sized cubes

- 1 hard-boiled egg

+ avokado with black pepper powder

Yum! :) 

Have a great day yall! And remember, if I can do it, surely u can do it too! 

Peace, Aisha

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