Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Eat well, be well

Salam aleikum people near and far :) How r u doing?

I always dream one day I will have a healthy life. Well, that one day never comes. :D What we have is today, and we dont even know do we make it til the night. So, I decided that now I start to eat healthy and work out more.

I started this slowly, in the end of last year I began to eat more salads and now I eat mainly vegetarian foods. It is easy to begin with small changes, and theres a replacement for everything. Heres my list whats my new diet:

- vegetables and roots

- couscous and rice

- fruits

- small amount of meat and fish

- spices and herbs + ginger root

and just sometimes

- pasta

- cheese

- garlic

and for treats:

- chips -> nuts

- chocolate -> dark chocolate, yoghurt

and, lots of water.

Then I also decided to work out more. It can be a routine and something to wait for. My routine is after maghrib. I do some excersizes for all body: upper body, legs, arms, abs and back muscles. And then I go to capoeira trainings 1 or 2 times a week. The main thing is just to find motivation for all this. I think the results will be the best motivation to continue. :)

Peace, Aisha

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