Monday, 20 February 2017

The key

Salam aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh :*

I love this song so much: (it contains music)

I got email from Syria. It was about the Oscar-nomination of the White Helmets documentary film. I cried when I read the message.. How they are still keeping their iman through these tough times, all that struggle.. Trying to survive how ever they can.

And not only Syria. Palestine, Sudan, Haiti, Yemen, Somalia, Burma etc.. People still try go get in Europe, they leave everything behind for better life. One my friend tried to come to Italy, and he has ended up in a prison in Libya, I dont know how he is doing there right now, is he even alive..

Here I am, eating candy in my own nice home, where is warm and my biggest problem is that do I wanna eat pasta or couscous today. I hope there could be a way how I could share what I have with those who are in need. I am blessed but feeling guilty. Im not wealthy but still I have so much, more than I need. In sha Allah Ill find a way to help.

Give your love. Give it to people.. u will not lose. Even a kind word can mean the world to someone mistreated. If the politicians are not doing anything to end war, hunger, poverty.. we people need to stop it. Our numbers are more than few leaders, even if they have military and power behind them. We should unite. I dont know how but I will find out.

.. to be continued

Peace, Aisha

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