Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Almost like weekend

Salam aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh :)

Just two days of this week is passed with working and now I can relax, I have rest of the week off. Working has been great, the person I work with is so sweet and we get along well. :) Alhamdulillah.

When I came home, my packet was waiting <3 I ordered essence from pretty.fi, I got nice things, just basics but hey, thats what Im all about :D

Im so sorry the picture is wrong ways :o I ordered mascara, powder, two brushes and a rosy-colour eyeshadow palette, all together was about 18e carried to home, and these will last 1-2 months or more. The quality is good as it has been, and essence claims that their products are not tested on animals, so thats why I like the brand. 

I tried a smoky eye thing, this photo is the closest I will take or I will scare u, some people are photogenic, and me, I guess I look more beautiful in nature 8) I love this turtleneck knit too, I found it today from flea market (or is it called thrift shop nowadays?).. its long, more like a dress over a dress feel. Kinda 80s vibe with the lace texture, but I like it. And I bought this chocolate brown scarf too, and black and cream ones, only 2e per piece.

I went then through all my scarves and left some of them for my neighbours if they like. My mind comes clear when I keep things simple and organized, so if I buy something, I recycle old ones. And my taste is changing, now I like basic colours and neutrals, more earthly-toned things. 

Until next time,

Peace, Aisha

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