Saturday, 18 March 2017

Capsule wardrobe.. how did it work out?

Salam aleikum sweeties, hows your weekend? :)

A while ago I wrote about capsule wardrobes, and I thought that now is a good time to talk about it again, becose the season is finally changing, alhamdulillah.

I still go with same two dresses, black and burgundy butterfly abayas. And then I have few dresses for special occasions. Its really enough! :) maybe u think now Im crazy, but I really am happier with less. No need to think that I dont have nothing to wear even if my closet is full of clothes. I wear everything what I have and everything goes together.

Im also thinkin about wearing jilbab.. I need to think about it. I found nice ones, with a nice viscose material which should be comfortable and its excatly the same dress what Im wearing now, but its overhead. Heres link to the jilbab:
I would go with black and burgundy with this jilbab too.

I also have changed my headscarves too. I prefer now solid colours, very basic:

Sorry about the blurry picture.. but theres solid ones, cream, charcoal, brown, light pink and black, and light grey with pleats, leo, burgundy with print and then taupe.

Then few cardigans, and a blazer for special occasions. Very easy.

I kinda.. grew out of my leather jacket lol.. Thats a good staple to have and it goes with everything, so I think I try to find new one. I have also a light parka, and 2 ponchos which I like becose they are so easy, other in black and this:

Everyone can dress according to their own style, also in as dressing modestly. My style is very easy and  comfotable. And u can add some trend in your accesories, if u want, for example to tie a small scarf in your favourite bag or have pastel colour trainers. As muslims we need to dress to please Allah swt, and thats the most important. But I dont see any harm for wearing your favourite colours etc, and be modest too same time. :)

Peace, Aisha

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