Thursday, 16 March 2017

Carry on

Salam aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.

Right now I feel so anxious but I want to write. Thats one of the reasons Im doing this blog, writing my thoughts makes me feel more calm.. I recommend :)

Its not easy to carry heavy feelings. But we all need to carry on. I try tonight to stop thinkin negatively. I dont consider myself as a negative person, but I easily fall in depression and negative emotions if I dont try actively to cheer up. I want to start a new period in my life - a time when I come to be fully myself. I have all that strenght inside me, what it takes. I dont want to continue same patterns as I have used to do.

As u can see, even now Im saying things like, "I dont", "its not easy".. changing your spirit has to start with basics:

- You are created by Allah swt, and He knows best. U r as u r for a reason.

- Its good to end conversations happily and looking forward to future, even when u are talking to yourself.

- This life is chaos. Go with the flow, just dont get carried away.

- Focus on the things u like and what makes u feel happy or productive, what makes u feel u have accomplished something.

- Give time and space for things to develop. Great things need usually more than one day to happen.

- Get to know yourself. Give names for your emotions.

- Spend time alone, and spend time with your friends and family, in balance what suits for u.

- See the beauty in things what happen to u, people u meet, nature, blessings.

- Be open. U dont need to hide. :)

and carry on.

Peace, Aisha

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