Sunday, 26 March 2017


Salam aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh :) hows your weekend?

Tomorrow Im going to work.. I wanted to take it easy today with cooking, and I came up with this:

Half healthy, half not 8) ground beef steaks, seasoned potatoe boats, mushrooms and salad with some pita-bread and hummus (I still have to find a good machine to make it myself, its very easy and better to make on your own than buy from market..)

I also was brave enough to start to clean my balcony. I washed windows and floor, and it was messy.. but now its looking good. :) goal accomplished! I cannot wait til the weather comes more warm and i can plant some flowers and herbs. Even in a flat its possible to have a little garden, if theres just enough sunshine.. The easiest way is to buy some fresh herbs from market and then plant them outside, then they will grow in sha Allah all summer, and u can just take every day what u need. :) i want to plant some mint, rosemary, thyme and some different salads. And I really try to go picking blueberrys this summer, Im always so lazy to do it but boy, id like to have some blueberry smoothies :) Before I always went for walks in the forest, I dont know why I dont do it anymore but thats a hobby to start this summer in sha Allah :) Cause I do love nature, its so pure and beautiful. There I think can see easily the ayah of Allah swt, everything in forest reminds us from Him. <3

Until next week,

Peace, Aisha

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