Friday, 3 March 2017


Salam aleikum, jumuah mubarak :)

Today I feel fit and fabulous. And tired, but in a good way. When I came home from work, I made a nice dinner I wanna share with u:

Looks good, right? :)


- any kind of salad leaves
- red sweet pepper
- cherry tomatoes
- feta cheese
- lime juice
- hummus

- half of avokado

Chop everything and squeeze on top some lime juice, and add hummus. Put peeled avokado on the side. (I usually just squeeze it out if Im cooking only for myself. For more beautiful result u can peel it and cut to nice bite-sized pieces. Other half u can eat later, or use it as a face mask :) )

Boiled sweet potato:

Chop sweet potato into small cubes and boil in water w/ veggie Maggi until its soft.

Ground beef steakes with fried onion:

- ground beef
- half onion
- oil

- garlic powder
- chili powder
- black pepper powder
- salt

Chop half of a big onion into thin slices. Make two middle sized balls from ground beef and roll it between your hands, and press it well to steakes. Fry in oil, and add spices. When u turn them around, add onion on the pan and let it fry too.

All this, I think in 20 minutes? Or less. :) Start with sweet potato, and while its boiling, make salad ready and then fry the steakes and onion, and then the sweet potatoes are ready.

As dessert, just some vanilla tea and 80% dark chocolate. Ah. I love to eat :D <3 Alhamdulillah.

Peace, Aisha

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