Thursday, 23 March 2017


Salams everybody! :)

I continued today working at home. I did all paperwork for my employer and met nurse, and then Ive just been home, making things more beautiful. And ate some pizza. ;) Heres some pics, but keep in mind Im not ready yet with all.. I havent buy anything new, I just used what I had:

These make me happy! 

This cup is from Indiska, a gift. They sell these big cups all the time, different colours and prints.

I think in everybodys home theres a place where all the stuff goes.. 

Heres the headquarters :)

This is still work in progress.. The mirror is gonna get drilled on the wall in sha Allah, and maybe a small hanger.. and a round carpet.. maybe. :)

My "bedroom" still needs a new day blanket, and bathroom needs new towels. Then I think this home is ready. :)

Making your home beautiful and cozy doesnt always need much money. Few plants and clean colours can do the trick!

Peace, Aisha

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