Friday, 24 March 2017

March favourites

Salam aleikum dear people, especially in France, u have won US in the number of readers! ;) no offence to US readers, before u was second after Finland, but dont worry, still in top 3. Hhh :)

I thought i could list few fav things this month:

1. Himalaya Herbals nourishing skin cream
-> this has saved my skin! I dont need to use makeup on my skin anymore, just to add little bit translucent powder.. which brings us to,

2. essence translucent powder
-> yes! Its very light and natural-looking, cheap, cruelty free. Better than H&Ms one I had before.

3. Minimalism
-> I get more and more into this thing, effecting on my wardrobe and home. I feel so much better, having just the things I need and not extra stuff anywhere.. its kind of a hobby. Im not going full KonMari but keeping things simple. Becose me too Im a simple woman. ;)

4. Work
-> yeah, work! I was finding something good to do for such a long time. Im really happy working, part-time, and I go to work happy. I do get tired but feel so much more energetic and proud of myself. And the extra money wont hurt too.

5. Ramadan preparing
-> its coming soon in sha Allah :) I try already make some plans what I could focus on learning and leaving bad habits.. When I converted to islam, I had such a beautiful feeling, so pure and light and happy. I want to find that again. :) And I know it will come in sha Allah, if I just strive to be on the siraatal mustaqiim.. may Allah bless us all.

Thank u for reading! If u want, leave comment below and tell your favourites this month :)

Peace, Aisha

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