Sunday, 30 April 2017

April favourites

Salam aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh readers :)

Heres my April favs:

1. New diet.

More vegan products, more healthier snacks, yet delicious food. Im not going vegan, but I try to give up dairy, white flour and white sugar. I feel better, and more energetic, and part of it must be becose of healthier food. Im not perfect also, for example I made some pancakes the other day if u noticed, vegan but fried in butter :o But mostly Im eating better now.

2. Indian sugar

This kinda goes with previous one.. Indian sugar has 89,5% sugar and the rest, more than 10% is minerals. Indian sugar is raw sugar, not prosessed. Its little bit pricey but worth it. Also its often organic too, and it gives a chance for South American indians to farm sugar instead of coca. Taste is better, its just tastes "more". Thumbs up :)

3. I cannot get over this, its so cute!

4. Essence makeup.

The products are working so fine! I have got many compliments (I dont wear that much makeup outside.. but the concealer and powder do hide my flaws). Still I have to say Im not convinced that this company is ethical.. with the ridiculously low prices.. I did small research and went to cosnovas (owner of essence makeup) page: .. They say the products are manufactured in Europe. Im not sure yet is the company so see-through. I need to search more. To be continued.. But until that, its a fav.

5. Friends

What could be better? I love my friends <3 I dont have many, but those I have are golden! Alhamdulillah.

Peace, Aisha

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