Sunday, 23 April 2017

Baby day

Salams people :)

Today was my sisters (and his husbands, they married today, what a nice surprise!) babys babtising party. I didnt go to church seremony, but we all 10 people + 13 children went to a beautiful place to eat and celebrate. I was very happy to meet new relatives, children were so cute and everything was perfect, alhamdulillah. Im so happy for my sister and his husband, they are such sweet people and Im happy for all the blessings they have, ma sha Allah. :)

I didnt think, ovbiously, about my blog there, so I didnt take pictures, but this was the place They have facebook page too. The building was before a home for one artist (who has made the "stone men" of Helsinki Railway Station for example) and downstares was this beautiful, intimate cafe/dining area. Food was delicious, the keeper of the cafe had made sure no gelatin on cakes etc, and served also non-alcoholic toast drinks, good service. The cakes were amazing, just amazing and so delicious. They also sell there some finnish hand made candy from small companies. Its far away, but if u ever have chance to stop there on your way, I highly recommend.


Peace, Aisha

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