Thursday, 13 April 2017

How to be happy?

Salam aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh. Competition is over, Finland wins again in the amount of readers.. ;) thank u evrybody, finnish and non-finnish, u r all important.

I got tagged into one videos comment section.. the video was about happiness. Thats why I started thinking this subject last night and today. Where does happiness come from?

I have been writing to u my ups and downs, and some while ago I wrote some posts about beeing happy. I have learned during hard times and good days that happiness maybe cannot be something achievable. It comes into your heart naturally, by the grace of Allah swt. U just need to recognize it when it passes your way. But there is some tips for it:

- lower your standards. Keep in mind that we have so much already to be thankful for.

- sabr. Stop yourself overthinkin, anxious, stress.. Take good care of yourself. Excersize, treats, finding a hobby (maybe also finding a hubby ;) ), reading, making tea, taking time for du'aa and dhikr, anything which makes u calm down and chill.

- rise and shine. Forget relationship games, comparing yourself to others, age crisis, low self-esteem. Talk to yourself positively. I have seriously been thinkin years ago, and still sometimes, that Im the lowest of the low. I worked hard with myself, and now Im happier than ever. U can do it too! :)

- keep it simple. Organize your home and get rid of clutter. Enviroment where u r living is affecting u more than u think.

Happiness is compareble to strenght. I think its a quality, not so much a feeling. Like strenght, its something u find from time to time within yourself. I sincerely hope that in sha Allah we all could be happy more. And thankful too, Allahu akbar. But thats another subject.. later then,

Peace, Aisha

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