Saturday, 1 April 2017


Salam aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh people :) How r u?

I have been babbling about minimalism but oh gosh, I need new dresses :D But that is true, and I found beautiful abayas from Ghuraba boutique (u can find it in facebook). Black, burgundy, and beige. Just basic abayas I know I will wear long time. I also ordered white trainers and a white/cream scarf. I thought with all this fuss I can pamper myself a bit, and I have worked for the money I will get this month in sha Allah. And I can still send some sadaqah. I find it very useful to just take pen and paper and budget everything clearly. Now I also start saving some money and be independent from now on.
yay! ;)

I feel more calm today. This has been a rough week, and still I dont know how these.. well, u know, these things I told about, will work out. But I have prayed and I have my faith in Allah swt. Beeing in a peaceful mind is important for me, and I feel so much better when I have made my decisions. I encourage u too, dear readers, if theres something in your life u wish to change, work for it. As we know, "trust in Allah but tie your camel".

Now no pics, next time then in sha Allah. Have a good weekend!

Peace, Aisha

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