Sunday, 7 May 2017

Good night

Salam aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh dears :)

I cannot say this weekend was easy with some really going on ex-factor, but like I do, and encourage u to do also, to just get up and move on..

So I had the nicest day today with my friend, and my other friends made me soo happy too. <3 It hasnt been always like this, to be honest. I have had people around me always, but not real friends. I was always an outcast and a loner. When I decided to end up "friendships" where I was not understood, and I didnt feel comfortable with, I was at first lonelier than ever. But, things took a turn to better and even now when I dont have many good friends, I mean those u can fully trust and be yourself and share your love with, I have just enough. Just enough those I can call every day and chit chat about our days and moods, highs lows and just everything. Friends and family, after all difficult days and times, still there.. Its so valuable in life and I try to keep my relationships with them precious and sweet.

I have a lot to thank our Maker today, and I have prayed for us all. So thankful, I dont even have words, only I can say alhamdulillah and repeat it til I sleep.

Good night,

Peace, Aisha

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