Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Shoes and all

Salams sweeties! Hows your week going? :)

Today I just post few photos about pretty pretty shoes.. lets start:

Facebook flea market group.. so nice!

These are for formal and work, Facebook flea market group

These I bought from Lidl :D cute espadrillos and comfy in feet, match my abaya nicely..

Outfit of the day w/ garbage bag sorryyy 

And to cheer u up, some roses, always so beautiful..

I give some other shoes away and stick with this 3 pairs all summer.. I dont need much but good clothes make me happy. Many years ago I bought everything used, and didnt care so much how I looked, it wasnt a priority to me.. Now I want to look clean and nice, still keeping my own style but less loud and slightly chic too ;)

Also I have been working at home all morning, cleaning, washing laundry, basic things.. and few cups of coffee. In sha Allah later I try one of my best friends recipe for a delicious pasta salad. 

Have a good day!

Peace, Aisha

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