Thursday, 1 June 2017

Day six

Salam aleikum everyone :)

I had a lot of stress, yesterday and day before.. The divorce is coming in sha Allah, and it hasnt been so easy to work with that, becose me and ex are living in different countries. Now everything should be fine and we have separated in peace. So just waiting now, my iddah to really start.

Its not a sad thing, after all. I feel more confident, free and much lighter. Worries and depressed feelings have changed to trust in Allah swt, ease and even happiness. Still I would say to all sisters, that try to work on your marriage as much as u can, to fix the problems. But if its not possible, then u do have a way out. Becose sometimes things cannot be worked out.. I learned it very bitterly, but now I understand breaking up was needed, so both could live a happy and peaceful life.

And changes in my life come faster than I thought. I have been given a chance to move to another country. In sha Allah. Other things and benefits too.. but its early to say. But past days have also been busy with planning, arranging, chit chat and laughing. Feeling good and waiting future with hope.

"Verily, after hardship comes ease". <3

Peace, Aisha

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