Monday, 5 June 2017

Diet things

Assalam aleikum all :) hows your week started?

Its a month of fasting, but I want to talk a bit about food. It might be surprising, but 90% of our wellness, health and body mass depends on how we eat. Ive always thought before that exersize is the key, and if u keep on doing your trainings, u can eat anything u want. No. :)

Some while ago I quit eating dairy, white sugar and white wheats. I changed milk and occasional ice cream into oat drink and oat ice cream (which is great by the way, here in Finland Ive seen vanilla and chocolate versions, and its creamy and same time light), sugary snacks to dried fruits like dates, raisins and also honey-sesame bars and for bread I eat only.. whats it called? For finnish readers, I mean hapankorppu. I guess u can try any rhye bread and see the difference. I also changed coffee to tea.

Im not saying I dont enjoy my pizzas and (dark) chocolates etc, I have those days too, but, with my new diet I see sooo many changes. For example, my skin is better (Ive had acne), Im feeling more energetic and Ive lost some weight. Only just with few changes in diet!

Also I want to share a tip for u, an easy workout for every day, go see channel "xhit" on youtube. (Why the weird name? :D) They have free, and effective workouts. Ive seen already small changes in my body even if I have not been doing those workouts long time yet.

Healthier lifestyle, yes! Now when its Ramadan, its best to think about our own spirituality, imaan and the good and bad inside u, and I will come back to that later in sha Allah. But same time its good to make changes for healthier body too.

Thank u for reading!

Peace, Aisha

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