Monday, 26 June 2017


Salam aleikum all :) Hows your week started?

Smoothies are a nice way to enjoy fruits, but it kinda got old for me.. In summertime its nice to eat more fruit salads, and flavoured water! Yum :) Just take a .. whats it called? A.. jug! Yes :) and fill it with water. Slice your fav fruits into thin (but not too thin) slices, and put into water and keep in fridge for half hour. So good! :) So far Ive tried strawberry and orange with mint. I prefer this over juice.. Gotta try also cucumber.

Orange and mint in the making :) 

Also went to a second hand shop and found these beautiful pumps! Perfect :) Goes with all my dresses.

Happyy :) 

.. cant wait my moving.. in sha Allah soon!

Peace, Aisha

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