Thursday, 15 June 2017

Hijab vs. fashion

Salams :) How is everything going?

Im into documentaries right now. Started with North Korea and Russian neo-nazis, and that was kinda heavy. So I have seen quite a range of documentaries about fashion designers, from youtube. Its intresting to see the creative process behind all the fuzz.. and to be honest these designers like Marc Jabocs or Vivienne Westwood, are kinda anarchist and very, very artistic same time as they are making something desirable and all-audience-wanted. Kinda a paradox? Intresting..

That made me think about hijab and how its nowadays related to fashion too. Personally, as a muslim, I am somewhere in the middle I guess. Striving to be on the right path, but also taking things how they are, without too much pressure. I do admire women wearing niqab, but been thinkin that the fashionable sisters have a point too.

I see it as a movement which can make islam more approachable. Fashion is a neutral ground where everyone can meet. Something silly and cool we can all be part of the way we want. Yes. I dont want to be the one shouting its haram, becose like we know, and like I wrote yesterday, we cannot see the things that are hidden in peoples hearts.

Nowadays hatred against islam is rising fast and has been going so a long while. Subhan Allah, its also true that islam is the fastest growing religion too.. but still the attitudes with people seem to get tougher. So making modesty more common idea, I dont think thats a bad change right? I think its a way to show muslims are just ordinary people, and make people intrested about the idea of hijab, and eventually islam.

I have wore hijab since I converted, and no, not fashionable way hhh, but still I do think that more important is the shyness and modesty of the soul. Good manners, lowering gaze, doing good deeds..

Becose one thing I have learned, and that is that even the smallest or controversial things do have wisdom behind it. Alhamdulillah.

Peace, Aisha

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