Friday, 9 June 2017

Light touch

Salam aleikum :)

I know I promised u to get into deeper and more meaningful topics, but today I got my order and Id like to share it with u. Im not into advertising but I just need to say its a reliable company, good range of products, and it comes straight to your home or with bigger items, your local post office. I really prefer online shopping, and with experience in what works, I dont make mistake buys.. and also I dont buy something just for fun, Im thinkin more what Im buying and what I really need = cannot yet live without. Still trying to keep it minimal.

Makeup is a tricky thing. U shouldnt wear it, but Im not brave enough to go without.. so I keep my makeup natural. Just something to make skin look better, mascara, nude eyeshadow and sometimes nude lipstick and sometimes not. Maybe a hint of highlighter too, Im telling u its easy to get hooked with that :D My eyebrows I have kept natural. Do get freckles too..

Well anyways, heres what I got:

Tried these already.. I recommend Lily Lolo, it feels so light and coverage is somewhere in the middle. Easy to add with the kabuki brush and looks natural! I got the shade "Porcelain", which is the lightest shade. Lily Lolo is a natural cosmetics brand, good quality but affordable, this makeup powder with SPF 15 was 21,90. 

The eyeshadow palette was good too :) Good quality, price was about 6-7e.

So, in sha Allah, next time I will write more important things.. But I think its not just always about beeing serious and deep, sometimes having some fun is also important. Alhamdulillah.

                                                                         Happy! <3

Peace, Aisha

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