Saturday, 24 June 2017

Three weeks in sha Allah

Assalam aleikum all :)

The problem in internet and social media is, that people write when they are angry. Me too Im a bit irritated right now. Auuthu billahi mina sheytaani rajiim..

People have questioned my choises, people who I have sincerely loved, have insulted me now too much. Like I wrote a while ago, Ive been, in my friendships, the person who has listened, and never questioned my friends choices. Its true also I had a hard time, with previous relationship with my ex husband, and that time I wasnt a good friend.. astaghfirullaah. But again, real friends have stayed. Alhamdulillah for that. Still I think I have right to say if something is not ok. I say first nicely, second time I say nicely, but then I have my limits too. A reasonable conversation is always welcome though.

So for to clear some things.. I am a muslim from all my heart. I might not be even close to a good one, and Im not as learned as many fellow muslims are. But in my life what makes me push myself through from obstackles and where my strenght and patience comes from, is my heart, and in the end and beginning, my belief and love in Allah swt. That will not ever change, ever.

In life we cannot always fear things. We cannot live our life in a box. Also we cannot judge people becose of their past mistakes. We all deserve a chance to change. And not even one chance, sometimes we need many. And actually every day when we wake up, we have a chance to be better and better, alhamdulillah.

Luckily I still do have few loved ones supporting me fully. Alhamdulillah for that.

And anyways, even though Ill move in sha Allah, that doesnt mean any goodbye. Its just bye, salam aleikum and see u. Im still gonna write my blog and of course internet is working..

So to just clear things up, please, learn to know me. If then still u want to judge me, be my guest.

Peace, Aisha

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