Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Bowl thing

Assalamu aleikum :) middle of the week, how r u doing?

Today was my last day at work. Me and my boss agreed not to say goodbye, more this is a start of a new friendship. :) Got a beautiful present:

                                                                   So beau <3


Listening to Faarrow - Chasing highs and thinkin about past few days. Or maybe the past decade, could say. I hate to feel like hating myself. Thats something I dont wanna experience anymore. Me and u, us all, we r made to who we r. We can always come to be better persons and better muslims, sure, and thats something to aim, subhan Allah. But been shot by some painful arrows these days I already start to forget my own strenght. Living with a mental issue is not an issue. Its something to not to be afraid, its kinda common and can happen to everybody. In sha Allah the stigmas of it will fade in future. After all its just a sickness, its not me, its not my mind its not my heart. Its more like an unpleasant guest who tries to mess with me from time to time. I have fought my way. And still keep on fighting. I am not a victim, I am not someone to be patronized, Im as normal as u r.

Keep loving each other,

Peace, Aisha

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