Monday, 24 July 2017

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Assalamu aleikum all :) start of the week!

I just finished watching the how-manyeth episode of season 15, Project runway. I admire people who can make things with their hands, all kind of, from clothes to crafts, knits to knots. Amazing.

Ive had a great weekend, filled with friends and I loved to see so many people I havent seen for a long time, alhamdulillah. These people are so fun and strong, have intresting opinions, are helpful, caring loving people. They got me inspired and filled with new ideas.

So now Im getting used to that.. well.. Im not actually doing anything. But same time its good, becose now I can start to really concentrate in writing, and also study more. I want to develop, and Ive been feeling for a while that Im not moving on. Maybe its becose I had the divorce and few other small heartbreaks that I havent had really a stable time to focus, in the question again, who am I and what I want to do in my life. This time its not about dreaming, I want to accomplish something real and possible. I have never in my life really achieved something. Sure, I have won few times audience votes at a poetry club, I have had the chance to sing to people, I have tried these small things and had a lot of fun. But now my mind is on something more meaningful and how to say, not permanent but something for the long run. Im not exactly sure yet what it is, but I wanna find out. I will try to do my best in writing more and more all kinds of texts and I will in sha Allah try with the book.

Creative work just dont happen like.. cannot just sit down from 8 to 16 and "be productive". Its partly a thinkin process, raw texts, ideas and then the actual writing process. Its walks outside, late nights, crystal clear thoughts and lots of frustration. But I love it, and now its the right time to go for it. I need to re-think a lot. I think reducing my medication also helps, becose even though Ive been writing all the time, I havent had a good, a really good vibe in my writings. It has come more dull, if I say the truth. But, this all is something I can embrace and make something good out of it, in the poetry way. To find the mindset of an artist, back again, thats one goal right now. Yeah.

So what I really wanna say, that if u r having thoughts to do something creative, go for it. Its a path of mistakes, learning about yourself and people generally, its something totally free spirited. U can create anything u want. U can say exactly what u want. Those thoughts u have, u havent told anyone, u can put it in a poem or a novel. Art is for everyone. :)

Peace, Aisha

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