Wednesday, 12 July 2017

New organic me?

Assalam aleikum sisters (and brothers?) all over the world. Thank u for reading my blog!

When I was at my late teens, I was vegetarian, somewhat activist, dreadlock punk. Oh my, those years.. :D Then I had a phase when I started to come more ill, and I didnt care about myself so much, was just trying to get through one day at a time. Well, glad thats over too. So now, when Im feeling fine again, alhamdulillah, I have become more concious again what comes to what I buy and what kind of food and products I use.

Maybe we cannot anymore stop the climate change, but changing your lifestyle to more organic way, is of course something we can all do to make world a bit better. Organic food, organic soaps and beauty products, less meat-eating, can at least lower your ecological footstep. And the changes can be simple. U dont need to come that dreadlock activist punk right away :D It can be small things. For example,

-using less plastic = take your own canvas bag with u in market
-using less chemicals = choose natural soaps, shampoos and home cleansing products
-reduce the amount of food thrown away = cook only for one or two days, and take advantage of your freezer
- eating more veggies = keep few days in a week to eat only vegetarian food
- less pollution = take a bus or metro instead of driving
- minimalize your belongins = recyckle what u dont need, and if u buy something new, choose something which u can use long time (for example for clothes, use natural fibres like cotton and linen)

Im not all the way still there where Id like to be, but I have been inspired to try. And I think its not also wise to just ditch all non-natural things I have before I have used them. Just small small, changing things to better ones once they are finished. After all I think any change to a good way is a start.

So from words to actions, heres something what I found in a good price and they are working well:

Fast delivery!

I ordered finally a konjac-sponge! Nothing to do with conjac, so its halal ;) I got mine with bamboo charcoal, which should be good for combination skin. I have used it few days and it feels good! Early to say how it will help with impurities, I will come back to that later in sha Allah. Then few toothbrushes, working as they should.. got also a sample of Algamaris toning suncream, but that was awful. After I started using mineral makeup powder, any kind of makeup cream feels sticky and heavy on skin. Ginger candy was very welcome, Im such a sugar mouse ;)

This I found from a larger market, working as it should but I hoped it would have more perfume. The scent is a delicate rose, and it contains aloe vera and glycerin.

So there is lot of good options to try :) And can be found with cheaper prices too. Also Id like to link here , they have also natural cosmetics and organic and gluten-free snacks etc. with lower price.


Peace, Aisha

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