Saturday, 15 July 2017


Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh :) hope u r having a goood weekend time!

I got my packet from luxplus, a big bottle of argan oil conditioner, a serum and the best best face mask+scrub. But, to be real, this cannot go on. My income has come low again, so these are the last orders I will do, and go back to basics. Still I have 3 scarves coming from Modanisa, and they are the last. Maybe this is what I have been preparing with my hoarding? ;) Anyways, Im still gonna go to job interview next Monday so in sha Allah, I have a small chance coming too.

But, back to the face mask, I need to share it. Using charcoal products is new to me, but it seems to be working, both this mask and the konjac sponge.

! Cannot believe. I went to shower and tried this. I took amount of a grape, and gently rubbed it onto my face. And, was suprised big time: the moment I added it in my face, it started to get heat! I was in a refreshing shower but felt like I just had walked into a 90 degree sauna. I mean really! The heat! After few minutes it started to cool down.. Its also a scrub so it exfoliates. So after 7 minutes I rinsed it off and my skin felt soft and very, very clean. This mask can be used 2 times a week, or more often if needed. Its not sertified nature cosmetics, but cruelty free and contains lot of fruit extracts. A pleasant surpise :) Its for all skin types, and the main point is deep cleansing.

Otherwise, I have just went to a small walk, played one home decorating game and now Im preparing for Asr.. maybe I still want to go out again, to enjoy the beautiful summer day and then do workout later in sha Allah. I have my bad days but this is definetly a better one. Ma sha Allah. Take care of each other and enjoy the sun <3

Peace, Aisha

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