Thursday, 24 August 2017

Day or a lifetime?

Assalamu aleikum wr wb :)

I talked today with my mom and she said that one day is like one life itself.

Maybe also, one life goes by as one day.

One thing, I have learned as my years of beeing sick and through the healing process. That is, that every night we should go to bed with no worries. We should be thankful we had a day to live, any kind of, and be grateful of our loved ones in our lives. And with the same thought, we gotta make every day as the best. It depends of the person what a best day holds. For me my family and friends are everything. And now the mystery man too, alhamdulillah..

And sometimes having good time or having the best day ever is not about just having a blast. Sometimes it can be also recovering from sadness. Sharing sorrows. A feel inside we cannot name but which feels like our hearts are bursting.. u know that feeling?

So as my conclusion, as these days or lifetimes, I wanna be surrounded by my loved ones and share everything with them. And I hope I can be the person to be shared to, too. We all have issues, and sometimes we feel we dont have the extra energy for other peoples problems, but isnt it, that we all need to carry each other? When Im down, u lift me up, and when u fall, I lend my hand. Right? Love u.

Peace, Aisha

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