Tuesday, 22 August 2017


Assalamu aleikum yall, especially all of u who keep always coming back <3

Dont worry, Im not going nuts. Just had a day off today and did some nice shopping:

Almond hand cream, Labello lip butter with vanilla and macademia (! u gotta try !), coconut scented candles and some walnuts.. didnt even think but when I unpacked my groceries saw a pattern going on.. ;)

.. and some honey roasted almond choco <3

Otherwise been good (and bad). I guess Im healed, but not perfect yet. But what is better than learning the letters of love again? Becose.. hes great. Hes just the greatest guy Ive ever met, and a real man to make me feelin.. He is rough but sweet and makin me laugh. Even though I may not be worth it sometimes, he tries. Alhamdulillah rabbil äälämiin.. in sha Allah I hope the future brings us happiness. :)

Peace, Aisha

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