Friday, 25 August 2017

Take care

Assalamu aleikum, jummah mubarak :)

Used to hate those words.. "take care". Not becose of the meaning of it, but becose who said it and when. I used to hear those words coming out from someone I cared, who said it to those other women, and for me.. well, I guess I wasnt someone to him to be taken care of.

This year has happened a lot of big things, in so many levels. Personally, locally, globally. Soon its a start of a new year again (22.9.2017 -> 1439) and maybe its the coming of autumn that makes me feel to sum up a bit last year, and think of those things I may achieve in the coming year..

.. things can change any time. They do often change when we least expect it, and our dreams can come true even in the most unexpected places and times. I am just purely thankful what Ive got. Not what I own, its what I have. Things I really want to cherish with all my heart. Love, mostly. :)

So I have thought about that, taking care. Some people may see it more like a "making sure" or trying to hold all the strings together. Of course that can be part of it. But truly, taking care of each other, your friends, your spouse, your family.. it comes naturally and its a good deed, as beeing also an act of love.

Ive read some topics and conversations lately in Facebook. I just feel I gotta say something.. U see, I am not the best muslimah to tell anybody what is the real islam, no no no. But, same time I dont think many of us see the whole picture. Our eyes can be blind to our own actions, and yes, I include myself in this, just to make sure. Just what I often see is the lack of gentleness and guiding each other with love. Becose as muslims, our love should not only be for our closest people, it should be for all of us. Of course all cannot be friends or agree always and so on, but for Allahs sake we r all brothers and sisters. Is it really a good thing to follow all the rules and regulations, but the heart is cold? I truly believe that islam is the religion of love and understanding, and even Im a sinner, I always think Allah is loving and forgiving. Our Prophet Muhammad saws was gentle, kind and good mannered. We should see the beauty and positivity, and focus on the good things. And how to let it out. Maybe Im overly sensitive sometimes, but this has been bothering me for a while. There is so many ways to express ourselves, and when reading all the arguing, Ive even thought too, is islam really like that and do I wanna be part of it, astaghfirullah. But where there is bad, there is some good too. At least I started to think about things and my imaan and now Im at a good place again. I hope u too, who are struggling with your faith, will find a reason to keep believing.

Maybe, we live from process to process. And today I feel like one of my healing processes has completed. So I wanna say, to him, to my past, take care. And I mean it. And for others, lets keep in touch.

Peace, Aisha

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