Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Tuesday thoughts

Assalamu aleikum :)

Today Ive been busy even though just been at home. Since I got a new phone alhamdulillah, my whatsup keeps singing some days like crazy. I do love my friends, so that makes me happy but now I decided to sit down and ignore the beeps for a while. We can connect, but we dont need to be always available. And friends are the ones who understand that. :)

My parents visited me today, alhamdulillah. Im always so happy when they come and we had some good chat. They also brought me something Im very happy about:

A.. what is it again.. well, the front one, coffee presser? Dont know its name in english. Its very good for making tea also, so nice. And coffee made with this.. love it, tastes better than machine made. 

Otherwise everything is fine. Just having some symptoms now when Im reducing my medication. All are physical. I start to understand after some study with google, that this medication is actually really dangerous. I mean really. It affects to brain receptors and the nervous system, partly unknown ways, and can eventually make a persons brain to shrink. Really. So, now that Im doing so well, its time to get rid of this so-called medicin. And its ok, I can handle all the physical symptoms with drinkin chamomille tea, magnesium and vitamins. Also E-EPA oils are very recommended and many people tell its affective and helpful. Subhan Allah, we have all the medicines in nature. In sha Allah I can be finally free from the medicine one day, the reducing has to be done slowly, but after one month I can reduce the amount again. And as I see how scary the physical "rehab" symptoms are, all the pains and uncomfortable feels, I wonder how I havent noticed before. Or maybe now, when Im feeling emotionally and overall more clear, strong and stable, I can understand in what kind of state I have been for years. It makes me afraid and angry. In Finland doctors seem to think that more u give prescribtions to a patient, the "easier" patient is. Out of sight, out of mind and so on..

Well, anyways, beeing a patient can also lead to beeing patient. If something, that I have learned past years. So lets put our trust in Allah swt. Life gives us different ways but they are all part of the same tree, right? :)

Peace, Aisha

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