Monday, 18 September 2017


Assalam aleikum all :) how r u doing? Long time..

Im sitting on the sofa with a cup of peppermint tea. Its getting cold here in Finland and every time wind blows, some leaves fall to the ground. Tomorrow I go back to work.

I have decided that Ill hide my happiness for a while. I see that very few can be happy for me, alhamdulillah for that, but I guess its better to avoid arguments and just stick with my own plan. And if I have just few people on my side, thatll be enough.

For me the safe, common and familiar road has never be a right way. I like to do things which I feel are good for me. And when I look back at my life, I dont actually see only mistakes. I see growth, learned lessons, and Im proud I have always been true to myself. And its not new that sometimes my choices are hard to understand.. and it has helped me to do just fine on my own, and strugglin alone has made me strong. I dont wait help from outside, or neither need an opinion how should I live. Only advice I take is the word of Allah swt and sunnah of our Prophet saws. I can still respect people but some things I need to now figure out myself.

So, everything is fine 😺 even if I get the feel Im alone, Im not. I have something very special going on and this time all will go just fine in sha Allah. I love my life and only thing I worry is how to be a better muslim.

To be continued..

Peace, Aisha

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