Sunday, 3 September 2017

Gates to cross

Assalamu aleikum

Especially as muslims we need to think the three gates before we speak. Lets think of them.

 Is it true? Is it necessary? Is it kind?

This may seem as a ruling that we shouldnt gossip, lie, curse or be harsh, and its a good guideline for that. But it can also have a deeper meaning.

Is it true, do we share with each other something that is real and comes from our heart? We often hesitate to be open, becose maybe we are afraid to show any weakness or vulnerability. But dont know.. I strongly believe in the power of communication in good and bad and all my friends have become close to me by trust and with sharing the thoughts we usually just think only when we r alone. I believe we can always tell the truth, with many ways to say it out loud. When we speak honestly, we can learn from it, as a teller and as a listener.

Is it necessary? There is also times or situations we dont have the right words. Beeing silent isnt necessarily, a neglection. A hug is much better than to have an awkward moment of other having pressure to say something right, and other having pressure to quickly standup straight to save the other persons feelings.. So lets hug more, right? πŸ’•

Is it kind.. isnt it kind when we r true to each other? I think its a way to show respect, a very very well the deepest way to give a person to feel worthy. What comes to kindness, we should try to express ourselves a gentle and discreet way to protect evryones feelings. There is already so much toughness in our daily lives and in our hearts. We need sweet words and smiles from a stranger.

Of course we just cannot be all the time too careful what we say. We need to joke and laugh, and ability to that is one of the greatest blessings. But once in a while, we need those moments when we try to get more meaningful, to give people around us a meaninful feel. And with sharing, we will get it in return. We people are the world, and change is in our hands. ✌

Peace, Aisha

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