Saturday, 30 September 2017

Tea and cake

Assalamu aleikum wr wb :)

Time for a cup of tea and apple pie, topped with coconut cream.. it works like ice cream, yum. I also went to market and cleaned the house and now I have rest of the day just for relax and waiting my fiance to come home from work and reach his messenger.. I finally ordered a new makeup sponge and another concealer to try and threw away some old candles.

Past few weeks havent been easy for many ways. Problems at work, problems with my parents, problems with money.. but just gotta go through this. After all Im still so blessed, alhamdulillah. I have food (and cake too 😺 ), plans are still going good and he is so sweet and amazing and all, he is all 😊 And I just keep praying my parents will love me even my decisions dont please them.

..No arguing, no hate, no trouble. Of course life is not that simple, it can never be.. but its better then maybe just to try to take it easy, do what Im capable to do and leave the rest to Allah swt. So lucky to be a muslim. ❤

Peace, Aisha

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