Tuesday, 7 November 2017

2 weeks

Assalamu aleikum all sweeties, and so sorry havent updated my blog.. ❤

Been here in Jamaica for two weeks now, 5 more to go. Its been amazing and beautiful, and I am so happy. I havent travelled much here, but as a nature lover I am amazed to kinda live in a nature document hh.. ocean, own private beach, birds, weather and neighbourhood pets bring me so much joy.

Of course like I wrote, food is delicious, people are nice (some of them even greet assalamu aleikum 🙌) and also much to still see. At weekend in sha Allah, me and him travel to the countryside to visit friends and family.

When I came here, I didnt know what to expect. I was so keen on meeting him so I kinda forgot to think that theres the whole island to see too..

... people seem easygoing and friendly, but things are not so easy. Food is expensive and incomes very low. High rates of unemployment, which also is a consequense of low reading and writing ability. (Excuse my english, but maybe u get the point.) Ive been thinkin how a country like Finland is possible, with our free education, social security system, almost free health care, development overall.. its so easy to take things for granted, not to even give a thought to a working stove etc. Im not saying in any way, here is too low standards for a priviledged person like me, no, the hospitality of people and always food on table is more than better, alhamdulillah, and I dont have any requirements other than to have shampoo ✌ but for serious, I really understand things more deep now. And, the people really are so strong and striving forward, without complaining, without hating, and how they are making the best out of what they have. Its really inspiring and gives a good, new perspective and inspiration.

What comes to muslims, its a small minority here, but connected to this nations African history. But some of the Jamaicans dont know here in the island is some muslim communities. But, anyway theres absolutely no any judgement or so. People might just be curious or joke the basic terrorist stuff but the atmosphere is very accepting, also to foreigners and tourists. For example in Finland I get sometimes those bad looks, but here nothing. Its beautiful how people really accept each other the way they are.

I will keep posting more in sha Allah. I feel like theres so much to say, and I cant get the right words.. but meanwhile u can follow my insta, @aishaelina for some pics and videos. After weekend I have more to tell. Thank u for reading!

Peace, Aisha

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