Saturday, 23 December 2017

Late night comfort

Assalamu aleikum :)

At late nights many of us get craving for something nice to eat, and just a sandwich or porridge is not enough. A perfect late night snack is something filling and definetly describable as comfort food.

I had bread, tomatoes and cheese. Yes, pizza bread it is.. I checked the cupboard and fridge and found a secret ingredient:

Artichoke is unusual and forgotten delicacy. Its not easily available, but summertime u can find it in some markets. It tastes very mild but really pleasent. This paste had some oil and garlic in it, so with the oil it goes nice with bread and the garlic was just a little.

Tomatoes ran out.. I recommend to use in these a real real bread, made from oat or multiple grains + seeds, and not a wheat one. For the reason that it just doesnt really have the taste.. Cheese I used is just regular Edam, I would go for this with something milder, not Emmental or so. Just to keep the taste soft and let artichoke shine.

For salad I chopped some cucumber and apple. I like red apples, such as Gala or Red delicious, they are sweeter than the green ones. I made a quick dressing with turkish yoghurt, ketchup and chili sauce.

Yum! Melted cheese gives the comfort, crispy bread a good texture and the artichoke.. love it :) 

Heres the whole recipe:

- bread slices
- artichoke paste
- cherry tomatoes cut in half
- grated cheese

- cucumber
- red apple
- few spoonfuls of turkish yoghurt
- some ketchup
- chili sauce 

Heat the oven to 200*c. Build the breads, first artichoke paste (and dont be shy with it), then tomatoes, then cheese, thats it. Keep in oven until cheese has melted. Make the salad dressing, just mix ingredients and put in fridge for a minute. Slice cucumber and apple. Put all on plate and enjoy!

I would love to make this for my friends, to have something special. I cannot describe the taste of artichoke, its really mild but still has a taste that makes u wanna say words pleasant and delight. Today was my first try, and I was happy with the result, but if I serve this for my friends, I will cut the bread in smaller pieces to make it more like finger food and use a bit better cheese like Gouda. And spices not really needed! I do love spicy food but for change this is perfect.

Peace, Aisha

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