Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Just one minute

Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh dears, how r u? :)

Tomorrow is my last day at work, Im very happy with the opportunity to work with same person the whole month and its been intresting. I dont have education, but I learn always new things about peoples lives and conditions they have or are living in. Its always useful and that information can help me to help others better, in sha Allah. Im gonna keep the rest of week then off, and if its possible I continue next week with a new person. I do like this job alot, all in all and after all. Its helping me too, much. Not only that I get my salary, it has build my self-esteem and I have understood that me too have something to give. Alhamdulillah. (For finnish sisters, jos sulla on opinnot vielä kesken, tai tarvitset töitä, et tiedä mistä aloittaa, etsi henkilökohtaisen avustajan töitä. Keikkatöitäkin löytyy, ja koulutus ei ole pakollinen. Tässä työssä tärkeää on kodinhoito,  kuunteleminen ja läsnäolo. Asiakkaat usein itse kertovat tilanteestaan ja missä asioissa tarvitsevat jeesiä. Tää on hyvä työ ja palkka ok. :) )

Aaand... otherwise Im happy. Plans are evolving and we have been discussing updatedly with my fiance the important talks part three, four, and so on: how, when, where. We keep praying things will work out, and with work it can be possible in sha Allah. I havent spoke about this subject much, becose we r still in this point, he there me here.. But I can say that Allah is the best of planners and I see it now clearly according to our situation. Its actually very much better we didnt marry yet. We r finding better path to live together so its all fine. Im very happy how supportive and committed he is. I know there was hmm.. an idea throwed for me to give up, but I then eventually didnt and I wont. He never thought about giving up. In the end we know how the things are between us so its all good. And Allah knows best.

Its gettin late so I better try to go and sleep :) I am thinkin to post some fav lists later.

Peace, Aisha

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