Monday, 8 January 2018

Todays thoughts shortly

Assalamu aleikum :)

Todays been so nice alhamdulillah. I just ate some pizza bread and smoothie and decided to sit down and write a bit..

I got my package today, the jacket, a knit hoodie, candle and lipstick. They were all fitting and good, but the news of H&M and their idiotic slogans just came out so Im not gonna order nothing there anymore.

Its not the only thing, even if it serious and should be treated so. The thing with H&M and most of the big companies is that how the products are made is very, very unethical. And the whole capitalistic system relies on making an unnecessary need of certain lifestyle paid by people living in poverty. Its disgusting. When I think of this, I feel only shame. I used to make a difference, maybe unnoticeable but anyway, I didnt want to be part of that kind of system, as much as I could. But then I changed, was very much ill for years and lost myself, and when I started to heal, I just wanted to be so much like "everyone else" and my opinions and rebelling just faded. Its not gone, but very well faded. I have to think this more, what could I do differently.

To be continued

Peace, Aisha

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