Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Better chamomille

Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullahi all :)

Hmm. Comments on the last one umm well.. even though I got convinced now that I do get lot more readers on those kind of posts, I wont do those no more. I started this blog for happier things and thoughts so I will keep it that way now in sha Allah.. so I deleted what I wrote earlier and if I need to face the situation I was writing about, in any way later on, I want to be calm and why to even care that much.. Better to keep loving, hate and anger will just create more problems. Alhamdulillah.

So today day off, and tomorrow too, so my plans are to stay wake after fajr, clean home, do laundry and maybe go to see one of my best friends in Porvoo. I went to pick and send post, and pick new mittens and scarf, made a veggie pizza and some dessert with a cup of chamomille..

Yes and yum :) For the bread dough, its good to use less flour and let it rise half hour or so, it will be soft but also a bit crispy when baked. I put tomato sauce (+ dried thyme and chili sauce), härkis, red bell pepper, spring onion, cherry tomatos, broccoli, green peas and garlic, cheese on top.

Heres my station :)

If your hands tend to get extra dry in cold, this hand cream is best Ive tried. Sometimes my hands even have tiny wounds, and it really dont take much to happen, and this cream healed my hands very quickly, I think its the glycerine. I also switched today my wool mittens to other knitted ones with fleece coat inside. My lips dry very fast too, Himalaya Herbals has good lip balms to help.

This will be intresting :)


Peace, Aisha

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