Friday, 9 February 2018


Assalamu aleikum each and every one :) Weekend!

How have u been? Ive had my stress levels way too high, with no reasonable reason, so after all todays nonsense I just collected myself, went to market, went to buy a new hairbrush (old hairbrush was playing the lead role today in my nervous breakdown..), took out the garbage and tried to left all the garbage from my head there too, sat down with u all with a cup of chamomille tea.

There is not that much going on, but.. money = bills, future, health, personal social issues, my love to make music and the fact that I cant do it, beeing unhappy with my actions, all the small things, and an unhealthy sleeping rhytm. Nothing bad or unfixable, alhamdulillah. Just when it all is on my mind at the same time its too much. But, yea, alhamdulillah. People often advise that hey just dont think so much, just let it go. And I know it could be really nice if it would be that simple.. thats kinda just is my way to deal with things, I do a lot of thinkin until I reach a point that I have peace with the things happening, and in between break the loop with beeing more active, get some fresh air and clean at home, and take a while all alone with no phone or so. I also find a lot of comfort in the thought that God loves us all more and more than our own mothers, so I keep repenting and believing He will forgive. As people we cant keep on forgiving over and over again in some situations, but Allah swt is greater than our minds can understand, there is not such a thing what could be impossible for our Creator and He is the most Just, the One who sees into our hearts and hears us. Subhan Allah walhamdu lillah wa la ilaaha illallah wa Allahu akbar.

What there or here, actually is, is lot of love. I just need few days to figure my place again. I hope u all are fine, I try to come up with some better topics later in sha Allah ;)

Peace, Aisha

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