Wednesday, 21 February 2018


Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullahi :)

I should have gone sleep few hours ago, but still here.. I dont yet know am I working this week, friday in sha Allah is planned, but I guess tomorrows off if nothing urgent appears at morning. Im planning to go shopping, I need to send two greeting cards, get some dishwashing liquid (yea really I have to plan these, cant remeber anything hh) aand then I kinda need a mixer. I do have a blender, but it has a flaw I found out others too do struggle with, u have a fancy nice blender and u want to try to make different things with it, but it just dont blend. :( Fruit juices and smoothies can be made easily, but thats about it.. pastes, mashes, can forget. So I do have a "masher", thats no problem, its a nice wooden.. thing.. well, just a masher. But today I wanted to make some hummus, and I did, its good, but after I mashed the boiled chickpeas I took my old old mixer to make it a paste so, I just got it ready made, and then the mixer made a weird sound and broke. I will need more hummus. :( This amount I made will take few days to eat but I guess I could also start baking finally, I have a good idea of making an extra tiger cake, with some coconut flakes and dark chocolate chips added and all other cakes to be made..

But, here comes the favs finally:

1. Herbal teas (+ green tea)

Yes. I do sometimes drink coffee, maybe two times a week or less, but always I see it dont affect me well, even if sometimes theres a moment when coffee is needed. Ive even reduced green tea, becose I think its the caffeine, how much there is or how less, it still makes me too restless and definetly doasnt make me have patience. Only exception is black seed drink, that I can handle :) (but 17g of sugar in a small can.. wish they could use stevia) .. Right now theres rooibos, chamomille and liqourice root powder in my cupboard.

2. Urtekram Nordic Birch day cream

Ohh this is nice! This is working. Still theres something going on, and I really wonder what did I do those times not so long ago, when my skin was actually clean. But anyways much better now, alhamdulillah.

3. Freeman face masks

Connected to above, these help too alot. I use three of them, one as a wash and other two three times a week. Manuka honey clay, Sea mineral clay and a charcoal sugar scrub. And always first a bit of natural soap.

4. Lentils

Yum :) I had forgotten these. I used to cook them all the time, make some daal-baat at least once a week and other dishes too. Found it again, really nice.

5. Better days and organized mind

Well this can never be bad. I find myself more settled, and not overthinkin, alhamdulillah. Today Ive been doing my favourite activity all day, organizing until theres nothing to organize. Sounds crazy and maybe it is. :) I could do it for days. Today I threw away painful memories, in form of a ring with a plastic "stone" and few other things I had still kept, found something to give to my niece and then rest not-anymore-needed-but-usable to neighbours. I recommend this, organizing donating all, and it dont mean u have to read Konmari books and have only one furniture but, a home with less materia is easier to keep clean, it gives a calm and peaceful vibe to your home, theres more space and not so much is needed after all.

I think I just gotta sleep now or I will not sleep at all.. later in sha Allah!

Peace, Aisha

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