Thursday, 22 February 2018

Foodie.. eatie? :)

Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh everyone :)

Today easy day.. I fixed few things, also our handyman will come tomorrow in sha Allah, theres a small leak on one bathroom pipe, I hope he can take care of it becose I dont want to tell the landlord again about a problem. She is very nice, but lately there has been this and that, started with the small kitchen renovation with new stove and adjusting the kitchen to it, then changing locks and make it electric one, small shower to new one, fixing the fridge.. and we r having a window renovation in all these buildings so I think its just fair I wouldnt bother her with another thing.

I also went shopping, found a nice notebook only 1e, some teas and honey, home scent, greeting cards..  Cooked nice foods and relaxing. Theres was something shadowing my mind but alhamdulillah its ok after all. Tomorrow work, sunday to meet my parents at their place.

Often I cook from what I have at home, and I like different tastes so my cooking is experimental in a very easy way. I really enjoy the flavours of veggies and sometimes just a bit of salt and herbs is the very best. Then, comfort food is one thing. Other than vegetarian foods, I have come late to learn cooking meat, chicken and fish becose I didnt eat them at all until some years ago, and started to learn it basically from scrach so it has taken a while to learn how to get the meat tender, of fish juicy and so on. Today I made fry chicken, it all was great, had a good good marinade with ginger, honey, chili, bbq spice, sesame oil and so on, marinated it 2 hours, rolled in wheat flour mixed to oat flakes to get it really crunchy, put it to fry in pan.. and came to living room to write the recipes down. As u can guess, it became extra extra crunchy nicely said so all my work went down. New try later then... but I made some lentil curry too so didnt need to be hungry. I have eaten nepalese, indian and jamaican curry, dont know how to make any of them, but I had coconut cream so I made this mild, few-ingredient one:

- boiled red lentils
- frozen green peas
- frozen spinach
- a bit salt
- cayenne pepper
- curry spice mix
- 1 tbls peanut butter (without salt or sugar)
- coconut cream
- little sip of water
(cauliflower and onion would be good in this too)

Heat pan, no need for oil, just put the lentils and frozen ones on. When all is melted, add spices and let be few minutes. Then add peanut butter, u can stir it a bit but it will melt after a while. Add coconut cream too, and a sip of water. Stir and let it boil at medium temperature until its saucy. Serve with rice (and fry chicken ;).

And then a pizza bread suggestion too:

- oat bread
- tomato sauce (not ketchup, just tomato)
- sundried tomatoes
- feta cheese
- bbq spice
- grated cheese

Build in this order, keep in oven until cheese is melted. Havent made these for a while, was good, also I need a time off from thyme, bbq spice also works.

Time goes so I gots to go, thank u for reading!

Peace, Aisha

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