Sunday, 25 March 2018

Henna and Nur

Assalamu aleikum :)

Sunday.. tomorrow short day at work in sha Allah, and then rest of the week free time.

But free time it is today too, so I did some other kind of cooking.. hot water and henna powder, mix up, cool a bit and then do my weird henna routine at bathroom. Head down, hair down, squat hold :D lol.

I am also waiting for a response, I might never get. Yesterday I was looking through instagram and saw a picture, a photograph of a girl in white niqab, with a sky blue background. Some things u remeber after years and years? Small, but unusual things.. So I remembered, when I was at 4th grade or so, I had a pen pal from Malaysia. She sent me her picture, and there she was, sky blue background, white hijab, beautiful girl from other side of the world. I dont remeber much from our letters, but I have remembered her all these years, the picture of her and also her name. She sent me also a bookmark,

And Ive kept it for more than 15 years.

I just had an idea.. could I find her? I tried through Facebook, found a woman with same name, and it could be her. I really hope she will response my message. Shes actually also the first muslim Ive ever known or talked to.. subhan Allah. How life surprises.

Peace, Aisha

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