Saturday, 3 March 2018

Speak life

Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullahi all, hows weekend?

Ive been, again, thinkin this and that. Past week has included a lot, dealing with a new situation, some echoes came up from my past, problems to save money, fiances problems with his internet connection, and all the feelings these and other things happening, bring to my heart and mind. Well, alhamdulillah, its minor and dealable and I think my system works best at a little pressure.. so in sha Allah a diamond coming then hhh.

My best friends keep me very sane, even its just few talks and laughs.. and the words "i understand u and its ok" its the best thing u can hear.

But yea, also been thinkin this blog. Right now Im not sure anymore what kind of things I should write, and what is the point of this all. I think really really I gotta get to another way of expression, so I can keep it like it has been, but that I can be with peace same time with all Im sharing.. so no need to wake up at night deleting a post which has kept haunting me for hours or thinkin that man, nobody cares my cheese on bread recipes ;)

And, Im trying in many aspects to evolve. Growth is good, but now its time to evaluate and evolve. As a fan of to-do-lists, heres a (fav) list:

1. Fix crowns

Either its yours, or your friends, anyones, always support. How we can help someone to find their strenght, is by supporting their ideas, dreams and hopes. Tough love can be needed too. We cant support destruction, depression or desperation in actions. Supporting someone to stand on their own feet firmly will give a change of life instead of a change of mood. Supporting, as I see it, is to be there, and honest, take care and let her try her wings and fly.

2. Practice and learn

Islam, your skills, aim to find insight. Put it to action, learn from mistakes but do take a risk to make them in the progress. If u fall, get up, dust, and keep moving on.

3. Plan

Its said, live in the moment, and live this day as its your last, which have a good message. We dont know the time of our appointment so of course, to be concious of it and the power of Allah swt is more important. But as we have al-Jannah as our goal, theres small goals which help us to navigate in this world. Plan ahead, not a week or two, plan way ahead, where u wanna be, what u wanna have around u, what u want to leave as your legacy.. Plan is halfway a dream come true.

4. Control easy

Having things under your control is the best thing and feel Ive learned last year. Control tongue and actions. Control is the action of sabr. But dont let anyone have control over u - in that situation, have the sabr and do 1, 2 and 3. And remember ease.

And lastly, Inspiration Blog Awards voting is on til 9.3 :) to get nominated takes 100+ votes, just trying for fun.

Have a good evening and night, later then in sha Allah,

Peace, Aisha

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