Saturday, 14 April 2018


Assalamu aleikum sweeties :) hows weekend?

Im enjoing my second day off, and its great, alhamdulillah. I have been really tired, just not-enough-slept kinda tired a long while, and it started to affect me too much. It changed to anxiety few weeks ago, and it reached its peak few days ago. But now, when Ive finally had few nights with good amount of sleep, much more peaceful. So back to all basics, and holding onto them.. sleep, food, water, pray.

So today I went for groceries, got a summer jacket, found a good suncream, came home and then made a nice nacho plate with salad. Also I think Ive washed dishes maybe 3 times today already?

Flower drawings..

This is the escallion/purjo, grown. It took about a week.. Im trying with the root again, to see if it still can grow another one.

Saturday food!

No makeup. More freckles. 


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