Monday, 16 April 2018


Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullahi :)

Phew. I havent work out for a long time. And, Ive never been.. that much. But lastly I used to do some exercise more often and went to +one hour walks and capoeira for a good while. I kept on with youtube-workout (those ten minute videos, who could believe could be so effective..) but then slowly I just stopped. Well, I then went to the tropics, and the climate was so so nice but, didnt encourage to workout.. moreof sitting on beach and slow walks. Bit of car rally too, if its a sport ;) But, I want to be back with doing workouts again. I just did, and I feel great. I was really tired, and I still am, but happy tired. And, silly it sounds but, with a ten minute youtube workout. It is a start definetly.

I also feel another way, very relieved. And more importantly. I have been very, very stressed, tired, angry, tired, stressed.. long while now. There can be many reasons, but mostly what matters, is acknowledging the simplest thing. I genuinly hope u readers dont do this, but I have a bad thought in my head, which misleads me alot. Some kinda "when I.." -thinking. When Im feeling better, I start doing this. When I have time, I will do this. Its related to "I should do.." . And, what is the worst part, I let myself be mislead of these thoughts.. from? From strenghtening my imaan and finding knowledge. Why, to think, that I should be a so much better person, to be a better muslim? When its crystal clear that when beeing a better muslim, as submitting to God, striving for all that is good, makes a person come more pure, right that moment. La ilaaha illallah. 

Alhamdulillah, it hasnt been that bad though, without going in any details now, of goods and bads.. and alhamdulillah, my duaas have been answered in a beautiful way. I am very much happy right now, and I am a step closer to a state of mind which helps me to be.

If we look at a tree, it is still. It will bend at wind, it will drop its leaves, it grows more every year. Tree can have a sickness. Tree can be wounded. Tree can heal. It provides not only fruits, but a place for animals to make their nests. It can have offspring. It forms our oxygen. And remains still. Content.

One of surahs which bring me so much reflection, is the Surah of Bee, Surah an-Nahl. In sha Allah I will spend after this writing, some time to read and think about it. In that surah, Allah swt says:

"Our command for a thing is but only this much that when We intend (to bring) it (into existence), We say to it: 'Be,' and it becomes." 16:40


Thank u for reading, until another time,


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