Thursday, 26 April 2018

Laundry day

Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh, may peace be upon u and the mercy and blessings of Allah swt :)

I am having a day off today, alhamdulillah.. I had few plans but it was cancelled so its all good, I can have my laundry day. Then just tomorrow work, and I will have 5 days free in sha Allah. I need it, even if I work just a few days a week, I just need time. Again, the pray, sleep, eat, workout things.. without any to do -list.

I love doing laundry, no matter do I wash with machine or no, thats the best. And I also found something really pretty when collecting all to wash:

I had bought these red cushions from flea market a long time ago.. Today I wanted to wash all the pillows and so I took the red covers off and what I found! <3 Beautiful! It was hidden there, didnt have any clue. 

Also theres been few other findings:

Got these from work! And I just wrote that I need weights.. alhamdulillah. 80s style..

This was also a find, some pure almond oil to try in skincare. Ive tried it now only once, yesterday night after shower. I think oils are best to use before sleep, becose they take time to soak (? how do u say..). In the morning I looked nice so I think its working ;) it doesnt seem to clog pores, but Im not sure yet. But this may be a bit gentler than coconut oil, which can clog pores, and is kinda heavy (right now Ive been using it for cooking only), and although olive oil is good too, the scent can be a bit much in beauty care.. so I have my hopes on this now. This particular one has a very mild scent, I was hoping more but the effect is what counts. 

Also, about oils, I recommend to try sesame oil in cooking, if u havent already. Its most commonly used in Asia. It has strong, good flavour, and its maybe most suitable as a spice, becose it cant take that much heat. I like to pair it with something sweet, for example sweet potato and sesame oil compliment each other really nicely. As salads are always good to eat, heres one salad recipe including sesame oil:

- cucumber
- red bell pepper
- a bit escallion
- cherry tomatoes
- apple
- honey melon
- avokado
- mozzarella cheese

- sesame oil
- lemon juice
- honey (liquid)

Chop all veggies into a bowl, mix, and add carefully some oil, and lemon juice for spice. Slice mozzarella and add on top, and add some honey on top too, just a little bit. 

This salad is really sweet, I mean the taste. U can eat it like this for lunch, maybe could be paired with fish. I had one really bad day, then I made this salad, ate first the whole bowl and right after a full plate of french fries and ketchup :D Have to have a balance right..



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