Sunday, 22 April 2018


Assalamu aleikum :)

I should be sleeping, but here I am, confused about technology.. I have had some problems with my laptop, I guess for years now, becose I just dont know how to update the whole system. So I have been doing my own, passive revolution against the system, doing nothing about it. ;) I still use the Snow leopard, and apparently theres a Sierra now. I just wanted to update Safari.. Well, it seems its possible, if, I will backup my files. I dont have any idea what kinda outer device I should have then.. So this also, continues, or not, its not affecting that much. I can use phone, and its not that bad if I cant watch tv or so.

I did update my blog things a bit, not anything big, just language, and maybe finally the commenting should be working freely now. If it works, please be gentle! I am thinkin to update the layout also, just small things too.

So, as I talked about the youtube workout videos, heres few Ive tried now, and seems good. Theres so many options, from beginners to advanced, with or without equipment. I personally like to do something effective, but easy for beginner, and I wish it to be fun too and without any pressure. (Just in case, these links for sisters only!)

For chest, found this today. Shes so sweet! I have to feel tomorrow, did it have any effect, but sure it was fun, of course I did all the after set -poses too. :)

For abs, theres Rebecca Louise. Shes a bit goofy, which I like, and also a serious professional. All her workouts have had results, and with this one, I started to see a change very quickly. This can be hard at first, but worth to do.

For bum, this works too. I think she did a fashion vlog before? Not sure, but I wanna see more her workout videos, becose this was good, and the moves were easy. After first time I did this, I felt it for few days, was surprised!

These are just examples, its also nice to do different sets to keep it new. I have just started again, and the trainers I have followed have so much new videos :)


next day update:

I wrote all above yesterday night, but then went to sleep anyway. So I just continue where I left..

About following the trainers youtube pages, I used to follow XHIT/XfitDaily to see more of Rebecca Louises videos, there is many. Then another professional page to follow is Koboko Fitness, and shes great! Im already looking forward to do today her videos. Workouts are fun, and she has good energy.

And about the chest workout, I do feel it! But maybe small weights could be a good idea too. Im not working out with a plan though, just to get a bit firm and feel good and ease stressful thinking. I have never been actively doing any kind of sports, and with weight I did have trouble with beeing very underweight. So when I wanted to start to gain more weight, exersice was the key in it, to grow my appetite and have a better mood generally. And exersice is one thing to keep in routines, definetly, so if u havent started yet, try some of these for an easy beginning :)

ps. When I checked the links, they might give u few suggestions, so it should be always the first one what I meant.

Have a nice Sunday!

- Aisha

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