Thursday, 5 April 2018

What we leave behind we will find in front of us

Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh and I sincerely wish u r all feeling good and happy. :)

Back to english then.. hh. And back to writing this blog. Havent wrote any poetry since yesterday. But sometimes living is some sort of art. We r not made by our parents. We r created by God. Our parents had a great blessing in form of us. Alhamdulillah.

So yes, before a shower and sleep, I wanted to come back again here. I dont know who is reading, but thank u. I dont have any idea of my readers, but I can follow some statistics on Blogger site, so after all its just fair to write in english so I dont have to dissapoint anyone, either they abroad or find it easier to read in english or so.

Its not good to smother something in ourselves. Some things, surely.. as becoming and striving to be better muslims, we need to have lot of introspection constantly, to keep in mind our flaws. To fight against desires, hold our tongues, to focus on belief and hold on to it. But as I thought, its not healthy to try to be very controlled all the time. Thats what makes me anxious. Of course it doesnt mean becoming the carricated opposite but, there really is no point to please anybody else than Allah swt.

I think none of this makes a lot sense - what is this loop again? Trust me, Im thinkin right now the same with a big smile on my face. Maybe a tear too, alhamdulillah its good to exist. How phony it can be at times, no matter, alhamdulillah.

So then, if, in sha Allah Im somehow back on track again, let me share some things which Ive been actually also doing here home, beside all the thinkin and unnecessary misery ;)

Purjo, aka escallion 🌻 it grows fast! Just put what was left, to a glass of water by window. Not that pretty, but potato will flourish too.. and can use in cooking maybe after a week.

New carpet and new shoes 😍 A round carpet is so much better in this entrance, feels more spacious. I also try to keep my shoes mainly in closet and have to go through bags, which I wanna keep and what not.

This! Green pea protein sauce. Tastes homemade. I hadnt try the pea protein since it came.. its my favourite now from these nyhtis harkis, vegan protein things. But whatever happens, I will never try crickets or maggots 😨

Thank u!

Pillowcases were on sale too so I saw this lilac one..

Greets from cousin


Ok then, later in sha Allah


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