Sunday, 6 May 2018

Greets and loves

Assalamu aleikum all near and far :)

Everything is going fine, alhamdulillah. Just a bit trouble with the sleep rhytm.. In sha Allah I will try to fix it now, to stay up until fajr, then sleep and if I have work next day, Ill take a few hour nap when I come home.

Also it has been hard to have the inspiration for a good topic. I do have one in my mind.. love things again.

If we are lucky, we have many relationships with love. I have been thinkin, what kind of love I wish to give, and what kind of love I give for others now. I thought what I feel I need to receive, what are the expectations, what are the outcomes. I do value a lot all care, kindness, loyalty, honesty, consistency. Forgiveness, and compliments too. Love can make us weak and strong, and those who love us will take both sides.. I wouldnt say love is blind, but love can cover flaws.

So this thinking lead to think my relationship with Allah swt. For sure, I love Allah from my whole heart. It is a very different kind of relationship, not comparable to any other, but still there is similarities. Becose.. how am I in the eyes of Allah? Lately Ive talked with my friends about the giving-receiving balance in relationships, generally. Not that its something to keep count of, but more of the fact that too many times the actions or gestures of love are not acknowledged by the other person, and it goes both ways. Of course Allah subhaana wa ta'ala sees all, and knows everything, all things we cant even think or imagine. But then, when its about relationship with Him.. am I doing all my best? I hope u all are. I am not, even if I want to be that person. The blessings are countless, and actions speak louder than words, so I want to be more and more thankful.

I have some small special plans for Ramadan, some surahs I want to learn, and take a habit of going every night to sleep with wudu, concentrating on all kinds of sadaqa, and so on, just small goals, in sha Allah. One thing I need to learn, and it is balancing the time. Im preparing already, but I kinda wanna save some things to do at Ramadan, so they will keep me going and staying motivated. In sha Allah. :)

I wanted to put some pics, just from my plants lol but the bluetooth dont always work that well, so if u wish to see more pics, u can follow me instagram @aishaelina . Its private, I do accept all women as followers, nothing secret there but didnt want more of.. incidents so better keep it this way. I am gettin started to use Pinterest too again, if u wish to follow its here.

Next time then,


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